United Fellowship
of  Yeshua

United Fellowship of  Yeshua believes in God the Father, God the Son, God The Holy Spirit and loves all people

Meet the Head Apostle Nick Rich
& Leslie RIch Founded UFOJ ON 
October 12th  2013

United Fellowship of Yeshua has been spreading the gospel for over 15 years across the world and locally. We have helped the homeless and also served in many outreaches over the years. We aim to bring unity of the brethren to get out of the four walls of the church, beyond your homes to bring souls to the kingdom together. To shut down man-made law, man traditions, clean up the false doctrines, to shut down division, to shut down racial barriers and to be an example of Jesus as he united the brethren under what his father taught him in the spirit. We must be examples of the truth in love and it's time to unite for this is a time people are searching for the truth which can only be found in the word.